1G Motivational Water Bottle


I used to think that my hydration was pretty good! That was until I started actually tracking how much water I was drinking. I realized that on average, I was about -30% off from how much I though I was drinking, which meant that I was easily -20oz or more away from my daily hydration goal. Damn it!

The second issue that I encountered was that most water containers in the size I needed were made of cheap, questionable, earth-polluting plastic! Oh no no. I don't want to drink chemical water, no thank you.

Third, it is hard to drink all the water we actually need for our fitness goals...if only I could get some motivation to push forward!

Here we are! A bottle that is durable, safe, and comes with a little Melissa that cheers you on as you drink your way to your fitness goals :)

CONSTRUCTION: BPA-free polycarbonate

DEVELOPMENT: 6 months testing and prototyping period for durability, strength, and usability-performance during normal daily usage.


  • 1gallon/128oz
  • 15'' x 6'' x 6''


  • Ombre Green Purple
  • Ombre Grey
  • Ombre Pink Blue
  • Green Pink Purple
*Each color variation is sold separately. Water bottles meet all international standards for food and water safety. Do not heat, microwave, or expose polycarbonate to extreme temperatures that would cause molecular changes in the structure of the material. Wash by hand with warm water, use a straw brush to clean the inside of the straw. Do not wash in dishwasher with hot water.