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LIVE CLASS 10.6.20


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You have no idea how EXCITED I am about this class series!

I want you to push hard, find out where your limits are, have a good time and a great sweat with me. It's really simple, we meet twice a week (Tuesday + Wednesday) and then you do the recordings for the classes. That's 4 workouts a week for the next 6 weeks, do you get what I'm getting at?!!!!

If you can't make it don't worry, recordings will be sent via email 24hrs after the class and available on demand for 30 days. No excuses.

The workout:

  • ~30+ minutes each class
  • No equipment needed, but I'll teach you how to incorporate my bands and DBs or KBs.
  • HIIT, plyometric exercises, bodyweight, yoga, stretching, mobility.
  • Upper body, lower body, abs focused workouts.
  • Massive sweat, burning muscles, mental and physical joy!

This is a series where all workouts are part of a cohesive training approach, so I highly recommend you join as many as you can.


NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. If you have my training bands or other equipment, I'll show you how to incorporate them for added resistance but it's not mandatory.




6PM EST/3PM PST (Right after you get out of work or while at home work ;)


Wherever you choose! You can even invite your family and friends to join you. I'll be broadcasting via ZOOM Video and you'll be invited via email, no account needed. I do recommend you download the zoom app to your device for ease of access.


Positive attitude, willingness to push yourself, big-ass smile, and maybe you want to have a towel + water :)


Registration closes 24hrs before the class starts, at which point you will receive an email with your class information including login details and password for your ZOOM.

Please be sure to download and install ZOOM on the device you intend to use to follow along with me. For any questions or concerns, please email or text my customer service at 347-779-2785.