Mel's Long Training Band System


*PRE-ORDER ONLY (TITS! just making sure you're paying attention, it's a PRE-ORDER); 300 sets only and with expected ship date of July 30th-August 15th. I apologize for the limited availability and shipping speeds due to COVID-19.

**CANADA orders are subject to import duties due to COVID-19 related laws affecting Canadian packages. These duties are assessed by the carrier you select and they require completion before releasing your packages. We have no control over foreign government customs, so please take this into consideration when ordering to Canada.

If you're doing my 10Pack Hamstrings and/or BUILT at Home training program, these bands are an absolute must. If you're following along the 8 Week Body Sculptor or Built Aesthetics, they're amazing for adding resistance to the bodyweight exercises and even for replacing some others such as the abductor machine; trust me, these bands will kick your ASS literally.

Put simply, my bands allow to cover certain basic + high level functions and, unlike rubber bands, these won't burn or catch you skin:

  1. WARM UP + MOBILIZE: muscles are meant to be flexible, and they work best at a certain (warm) temperature. These bands allow you to put a little extra oomph before you train and during your rest + mobility days so that your muscles can function at their healthiest capacity, because stiff muscles are brittle rather than strong.
  2. ASSES NEUROMUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT: Allowing your body to move without the impact generated by excessive plyo or weight training before reaching their optimal temperature allows you to asses where you're at before or after a training session. Stiff hips, clicking knees, pinchy shoulders, etc. are not just annoying, but a clear sign that something is not right and will only get worse. By properly activating and assessing your movement patterns using my bands, you can reduce injury rate and have improved training capacity. Remember, an injured athlete is a potential couch potato, so let's stay healthy and mobile.
  3. BUILD AESTHETIC MUSCLES THAT CAN MOVE: You put in the work with the fundamentals, now it's time to put the finishing touches on those sculpted muscles and set your booty on fire. Ever did 100 banded drop squats after 5 sets of 10 hip thrusts? If you did, you know what's coming your way (FIRE FIRE FIRE). You haven't? Babe, it's time you get this done! Check out my 10Pack Hamstrings training program, it has both activation and explosive banded exercises to deliver that powerful + pretty muscle we all want. 


Product specifications:

CONSTRUCTION: cotton + elastane

DEVELOPMENT: 6 month testing and prototyping period for durability, strength, and usability and performance during wet and dry conditions.


  • 1'' x 84'' inch long band heavy strength: white
  • 1'' x 107'' inch long band normal strength: blue
*Sold as a set of four resistance bands. Machine washable, just skip fabric softener and dryer since they destroy the elastic fibers over time.