LIVE CLASS 8.09.20 (Bands + DB or KB)


Get excited about this NEW workout series! 

Well hello! In this series I'll take you through a lineup of exercises using both my Training Band System + Long Training bands, we'll also learn to use dumbbells and kettlebells for getting the most out of your home training with minimal investment. Get ready to feel your muscles like you haven't before! 

The workout:

  • 45 minutes of laughs, sweat, and tears.
  • Full body training with focused areas for each class such as legs + abs, etc.
  • We will incorporate both static and plyometric exercises, with a modified version so that every level athlete can join.

We'll navigate through mobility + activation, exercises for bringing the lactic acid to the larger muscles of your body, high output work, and moments of active meditation breathing. Each session is a completely different workout, so do one or do several.


Equipment will be mandatory for these classes as stated above, you can still join without equipment but the main goal is to show you what you can accomplish with very basic yet versatile equipment. 


7.18.20 8.01.20
7.26.20 8.09.20




Wherever you choose! You can even invite your family and friends to join you. I'll be broadcasting via ZOOM Video and you'll be invited via email, no account needed.


Positive attitude, willingness to push yourself, big-ass smile, and maybe you want to have a towel/mat + water :)


Registration closes 24hrs before the class starts, at which point you will receive an email with your class information including login details and password for your ZOOM. Please add "" to your contacts in order to avoid your class information going into spam, thank you.

Please be sure to download and install ZOOM on the device you intend to use to follow along with me. For any questions or concerns, please email or text my customer service at 347-779-2785.