Melissa's Boho Photo Holder


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I started taking polaroids earlier this year, at my birthday party on 3.8.20 to be exact. I wanted to have a physical copy of meaningful moments in my life and the people within those moments. Not only was it my birthday, but it was also a time of BIG changes in my life both mentally and spiritually; I had gone through a crazy previous year, it was my 35th birthday, and my book was being launched literally the next day.

Little did I know, amongst all the COVID-19 talk that was happening at the moment, that just a few days later California, and basically the world, was going into a quarantine, the year 2020 would turn out to be absolutely insane, and everything I had learned over the last 7 years was going to be put to the test.

So yes, this is a very especial and one of a kind item and not two of them are exactly the same. I find peace, love, and power in mine. I expect and hope yours can deliver the same.

Add your people and moments to your photo holder, let their energy fill your bucket so that you too can give that energy to those around you. 

Product specifications:

CONSTRUCTION: bamboo, jute twine, plastic ivy, wooden clothespins. 

COLORS: one color only

CAPACITY: 16-30 polaroids depending on size



  • Boho Photo Holder
  • 13' plastic ivy
  • ~20 mini clothesline pins