Training Bands + 8 Week Body Sculptor

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I was sick and tired of it. I needed something sustainable damnit!


You can now order my most successful, battle-tested, and most sustainable training program, The 8 Week Body Sculptor, along with my Full Training Band System. The goal is very simple: to give you simple yet effective nutrition, training, and now equipment to get started on your fitness journey and make the kinds of habit changes that make you get get and stay fit. 

I developed, tested, and poured my training experience and love into this program for everyone who has tried and tried again, who has gone from program to program losing a few pounds and feeling good but not being able to sustain it.

The way I look now is how I walk around 365 days a year—you know damn wellthis is not just what I do for the summer or for that wedding that’s coming up. The program is created specifically to help you change your unhealthy habits and create new ones—habits that can be integrated into your everyday life. 

Be sure to check out my FAQ about the 8 Week Body Sculptor and other programs. And, the footnotes below :)


*This program is designed to be followed by the end user (you). It includes a personal note from Melissa Alcantara (Fitgurlmel) to everyone doing the program, a complete guide of nutrition recommendations, recipes, how much and what to eat, in addition to images for each recipe. It also includes 2 months of workouts that combine weight lifting, HIIT, and LISS along with functional body movements.

This program is designed for BOTH women and men. And, it has a simple food customization method for both losing unneeded fat (fat loss) and also for gaining lean muscle mass (clean bulk).

The program DOES NOT include videos for the workouts within the program file (that's a waste of space)—You can find those on my EXERCISE DATABASE and I also post more full workouts on my Youtube channel, so please subscribe.

It includes a detailed list of which workouts to do for the entire 8 weeks and specific set and rep ranges along with intensity levels. And yes, you can follow this program for more than 8 weeks, and I HIGHLY recommend you do it back to back a couple of times if you're a beginning lifter :)

**Fitgurlmel's 8-Week Body Sculptor does not include a physical component, this is a digital product.

***Please allow up to 48hrs for the shipping of your bands, you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking number once your order ships.