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StairMaster Tutorial (MUST WATCH)

by Melissa Alcantara on Aug 14, 2018

StairMaster Tutorial (MUST WATCH)

Watch this quick video to learn the techniques I use on the StairMaster for serious leg gains.

Things to look out for:
1) Don't hold the rails!
2) Keep your hips stationary while the legs do all the work; allow them to shift slightly left and right to allow movement of the legs, but don't let them bounce up and down with each step.
3) Make sure you're fully extending your legs before the next step.
4) Stay focused the entire time, the more mental focus the better physical results.



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  • Crystal Huszczo
    Aug 10, 2020 at 09:16

    Thank you for the stair master tuturial! You are amazing!


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