FitGurl Me Training Program
FitGurl Me Training Program
FitGurl Me Training Program
FitGurl Me Training Program
FitGurl Me Training Program
FitGurl Me Training Program
FitGurl Me Training Program

FitGurl Me Training Program

Program brief:

When I started my fitness journey I didn’t have a mentor, trainer, experience working out or doing sports, and social media was in its infancy so there were no fitness experts to follow and learn from.

I created FitGurl Me out of a deep desire to be there for you. My goal was to be your trainer, your motivator, your guide in this journey and for you to become a FitGurl through love, community, and hard work.

This is not about me telling you what to do and leaving you to your luck, we’re a group of humans just like you who show up and do this work in order to get better together. 

Who is it for:

If you have limited (1-3 years) experience working out and following an active lifestyle this is a great place to start to prep your body and your mind for training at a high level while acquiring weight-loss and muscle building results that last 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc. aka sustainable results.

If you’re someone with experience working out, doing sports perhaps, and having an active lifestyle for more than 3 years, then this program is ideal to test yourself and push to the level where you can extract those elusive marginal gains that make all the difference between top performers aka at the 1%. 

Equipment + physical requirements:

If you’re physically limited due to weight or past injuries, we have a modifier in every workout so that you can make progress and continue to improve. For everyone else, you will need my Training Band System, various dumbbells or kettlebells, and tons of positive attitude and will power. 

Workouts, lifting, and intensity:

This program is a direct step up--more like a quantum leap--from my Hot Body at Home training program. It is designed to take your newly acquired skills, stamina, and muscles to the kind of intensity that puts a smile on your face and a flex on your haters lol.

We’ll work for specified periods of output vs rest time, and use basic but effective equipment as stated above; this whole series consists of tried and tested equipment, training techniques, and good old fashioned work.

You will find a warm up that you can do on its own or before any workout if you feel like you really need it, some days I make it mandatory. There is an amazing Recover Yoga Flow class to help you get back to center mentally and physically at the end of every week. The rest? Plyo work, fundamental lifts using dumbbells, high volume exercises using bands, and sports oriented exercises designed to make healthy, strong, and flexible muscles. 

Training time:

20 - 35 minutes depending on the day

The workouts:

  • 10 Min Booty Igniter
  • 10 Min Banded Abs Finisher
  • Muscle Legs
  • Fit Test: Kill Your Reps
  • Upper Body Strength 
  • Jumpman23
  • Total Body: Bands + Dumbbells
  • Only Bands Twerkout
  • Upper Body & Abs
  • Cardio Abs
  • Total Body: Pump You Up!
  • Warm Up
  • Recovery Yoga Flow

FitGurl Me Training Program

FitGurl Me Training Program


What to Expect

Daily motivation

Receive messages and videos from me to keep you on track and help you stay motivated.

Easy-to-follow videos

I make exercise easy by walking you through the moves and providing simple instructions.


Get access to my exclusive Facebook group to share your fitness journey and get tips from thousands of other people on my programs.

Delicious recipes

I have a ton of snack and meal ideas to share with you to help nourish your body and boost your energy.

Workout programs

My workouts are made for all fitness levels with modified exercises from beginner to advanced.

Talk to me

Message me directly on the app to ask me any questions you may have.