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Here's what I'll be walking you through:

  • What are macros, the normal easy plain English approach.
  • Common macros for the foods most people eat.
  • Calories in - calories out = DEPENDS
  • How to track macros, common tools used.
  • How to figure out YOUR macros
  • When + How to make adjustments without f*cking up your metabolism and hormones.
  • Bringing your metabolism and hormones back to normal after incorrect macros approach aka after fad diets.
  • How to go about health + results long term, with or without macros.
  • Q&A about macros, nutrition, goals, etc.

Date + Time:

11.07.20 @ 2PM EST/11AM PST


Wherever you choose! You can even invite your family and friends to join you. I'll be broadcasting via ZOOM Video and you'll be invited via email, no account needed.


I suggest you grab your computer or pen + paper so that you can take notes along the way that are relevant and specific to you and your goals.


Registration closes 24hrs before the class starts, at which point you will receive an email with your class information including login details and password for your ZOOM. A class recording will be sent to you via email 24hrs after the class and will be available on demand for 30 days.

Please be sure to download and install ZOOM on the device you intend to use to follow along with me. For any questions or concerns, please email or text my customer service at 347-779-2785.