Melissa's 365 Fit Food Guide


This is how I make abs and make sure they stay here, for years now :)

Melissa's 365 Fit Food Guide is literally what I eat and drink on a daily basis. It is not a fad diet or something you do to fit a dress, this is a guide to learning how to approach food in a nutritious way. Abs you say? This is how you make them, food is ~80% of the game when it comes to getting great physique and performance results.

Who is it for:

It's for anyone and everyone looking for a sustainable approach to getting the body that they want, without starving or doing diets that can't be followed for more than 30 days!

If you feel like you have a handle on your workouts and need guidance in the nutrition department, this guide is for you.

If you are not ready or don't want to commit to a fitness program at the moment, then this guide is for you. 

If you want to change how you view food and have a GREAT relationship with food, this guide if DEFINITELY for you.

Who is it NOT for:

If you're already following my 8 Week Body Sculptor program, 90% of this guide is already there and thus you don't need it. If you want both nutrition + training, then get the 8 Week Body Sculptor immediately.

If you're looking to starve yourself and lose 100lbs in 100 days, this food guide is NOT for you.

If you want me to just tell you your macros without you first learning how your body runs on a nutrition based approach, this guide is NOT for you!

What's in it:

  • INTRO to Food
  • Water intake
  • Coffee + tea
  • Sweets + sweeteners
  • Meal types (pre-workouts, snacks, shakes, post-workout, etc)
  • How do I figure out how much to eat?
  • Food calculation like a pro, without losing your mind!
  • Protein, carbs, and fat intake
  • Micronutrient intake (mostly veggies)
  • Food to try to AVOID
  • The meals I eat week in and week out to get amazing results! 
  • Dressings
  • Create your own menu page :)

*This food guide is more of a healthy recipe book rather than the absolute guide to food, it is meant to help you distinguish between nutrition and empty calories.

**These are food recommendations, but not a prescription. You should always check with your doctor before making any nutrition or exercise changes.

***Recipes do not include videos, they do include instructions for what you need to do.